World Vegetarian Week – day 2 – Crisp chard filled with bulgur-quinoa mix and leek

Second day, second recipe!

Ingredients (serves 4):
Young chards 1 small bunch
bulgur 100 g
quinoa 100 g
egg 1
sage (fresh, chopped) 1 tbsp
leek half cup
breadcrumb 1/4 cup
tomato (peeled and chopped) 1
EVO oil 1 tbsp

In a large cup, soak the bulgur-quinoa mix with enough boiling water (salted) to cover – just as in the previous recipe;
when it’s soft, remove the water in excess – if any – then add the beaten egg, the sage, the breadcrumbs and the leek finely chopped.
Wash the chard leaves and drain them; then put a tablespoon of the mixture over every leaf and fry them on a skillet with the hot oil. They’re done when the leaves are crispy and the mixture has thickened.

Serve in a long plate along with the chopped tomato and ground pepper.



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